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Exeter Plan sets out policies to address shortage of affordable housing

People are being encouraged to look at policies which will provide more affordable housing in Exeter.

A number of public consultation events have been organised so that people can have their say on the Exeter Plan. These are happening all across the city right up until the start of the New Year.

As demand for homes increases, fuelled in part by a rising population, the size of the housing supply gap - the difference between the available stock and the number of homes needed for everyone to have a liveable home - has widened.

Cllr Emma Morse, Lead Councillor for City Development said: “Across the UK, homelessness and overcrowding are on the rise, home ownership has been declining and there is a shortage of social homes. ‘What to do about housing demand’ is a question that is the subject of much debate with policymakers, economists and the public.”

“In Exeter we have many of the same issues. Exeter is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and we need more homes in the city to accommodate our growing and diverse population.

“The Exeter Plan has 14 housing policies which include housing density, allocation, student accommodation, co-living as well as accessible homes.

“Please go and take a look and share your feedback on this and the other issues impacting people in Exeter,” she added.

The Government requires the City Council to plan for around 640 new homes to be built in Exeter each year. To meet this target between the years 2020 and 2040, and allow for a headroom of 10% to allow for choice and competition in the market, the Exeter Plan will target the delivery of approximately 14,000 homes. This will include planning for around 5,000 homes on sites in the Plan.

The Exeter Plan includes housing policies that will address the affordable housing shortage and provide the quantity, type and quality of homes that Exeter needs while ensuring they are in appropriate locations.

These policies work together with other policies in the Exeter Plan to provide for communities, deliver employment and infrastructure alongside homes to provide high-quality places and contribute to net zero carbon ambitions.

Visit https://exeterplan.commonplace.is to find out more information and a complete a few short surveys until 15 January 2024.

The next consultation event dates are:

11 Jan - St Thomas Cricket & Social Club, Grace Road, Marsh Barton, EX2 8PU, 1pm to 7pm

Copies of all documents can be viewed in the reception area at the Civic Centre, as well as in libraries across the city.

Queries can be made by contacting the Local Plans team on 01392 265080 or at planning.policy@exeter.gov.uk

Posted on 14th December 2023

by Admin